Who is JUMBO?

JUMBO Stillads A/S

JUMBO Stillads A/S develops, manufactures and sells scaffolds, ladders and related products in aluminum, steel and wood. Our flagship product remains the flexible aluminium scaffold system, build into the JUMBO towers, façade scaffold and folding scaffold.

A common value for the products is strength and intelligence – symbolized by the JUMBO logo, the red elephant. This is confirmed by a 10 years guarantee on all JUMBO aluminium scaffolds, produced at the JUMBO factory in Kolding, Denmark.


JUMBO is located in Kolding in southeast Jutland. This is where our administration, warehouse and Danish production plant is situated, on a total area of 27.000 m2.

Through our mission, vision and values, we would like to describe what JUMBO is and what we want towards as well as what has made us who we are today. Through these, a common understanding of the essence of JUMBO is reached.


Our mission is to provide stable and secure solutions for professional companies in the construction industry.


We want to be a leading supplier to the construction industry in Europe.


At JUMBO Stillads, the whole value is about giving the customer the best experience. This is done through our three important values of dialogue, quality and innovation.
Dialogue is the key to collaboration. Collaboration with dealers, as well as between employees. We always strive for good quality. Not just in our products, but across the board from customer service to marketing. Innovation is the driving force to achieve our vision. Innovation helps to grow as a company, as we can always innovate on our solutions but also our internal processes.

Denmark’s largest manufacturer of scaffolds and ladders, and an important player on the European market.

Production in Denmark

The JUMBO Factory in Kolding, Denmark has been cutting down the operating costs in large-scale production, through the automation process which enables reduced production time, and gives a flexible production.


We are using robot technology in our welding processes. This technological equipment was implemented by AB, Panasonic & Fronius. Our welding robots and positioning workbenches are all equipped with two workstations and pneumatic fastening of work piece. Such configuration enables us to weld in an uninterrupted cycle – the robot welds in one workplace, while the operator positions a new work piece in another workplace.


We have implemented the Lean production principles. This concept also includes effective arrangement of the production workplaces, which brings many benefits including the following:

The JUMBO factory in Kolding, Denmark is TÜV certified by TÜV NORD. Once a year it undergoes a thorough examination in order to maintain this approval. Among the parameters examined are: Incoming goods inspection, welding certificates, welding quality, production methods, self-regulation and outgoing goods inspection.

The JUMBO factory in Kolding, Denmark is holding the environment approval from the city of Kolding. The environment approval consists of certain terms for operation, control, environmental engineering and environmental appraisal of the company.  The operations of the company do not have any considerable environmental impact. JUMBO is at the cutting edge in minimizing, pre-sorting and recycling waste.

Products constituting app. 70% of JUMBO’s turnover, are manufactured at the JUMBO factory in Kolding, Denmark.

Production in China

In addition to the JUMBO factory in Kolding, Denmark, where the majority of our aluminum products are manufactured, we manufacture most steel products and ladders, at the JUMBO factory in Qingdao, China.

The JUMBO factory in Qingdao, China is ISO 9001 certified which assures clients that we meet the quality requirements specified by the ISO 9001 standard. In practical terms it means that an independent certification body controls and verifies that all of our production procedures are clearly documented and adhered to at all time.

The JUMBO factory in Qingdao, China manufactures the JUMBO products on Exclusive JUMBO License. JUMBO Stillads A/S holds the rights to the designs and patterns of these products.

Products constituting app. 20% of JUMBO’s turnover are produced at the JUMBO factory in Qingdao, China.


JUMBO is represented by a dealer network and partners in 25 countries worldwide. Our international dealer network and partners have expertise and knowledge of the access solutions which JUMBO offers for safe working at great heights.

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