Combiflex Universal Scaffold

10 x 24 m

Combiflex universal scaffold has diagonal bracing incorporated into the guardrails as well as cup/wedge connections – making it fast and easy to assemble and disassemble.

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Working height: 12 m
Standing height: 10 m
Scaffold load class: 3
Load capacity: 200 kg/m²
Weight: 2887,14 kg


Combiflex universal scaffold is made from galvanized high quality steel with high strength and low weight. Combiflex can be build in any angle – 360° around, with up to 8 components in every node.

Produced in accordance with EN12810

In this set:

5 x Platform w/hatch
5 x Scaffold Ladders
10 x Combiflex Railings
18 x Combiflex Tubes
18 x Combiflex Base Jack
35 x Platform w/o hatch
36 x Rawplugs
36 x Eye Screws
36 x Tie rod w/clamp
48 x Combiflex Railings
54 x Lynch pin
54 x Combiflex Tubes
54 x Combiflex Horizontal
55 x Combiflex Toeboard clip