GIANT Telescopic Multi-use Ladder Classic “Velocity”

4 – 7 Steps

The multi-ladder is an extra powerful ladder in craftsman quality. To ensure good quality, the ladder is made of high-strength aluminum with good corrosion resistance – which gives a strong and robust ladder that is still light.

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Width: 61 cm
Transport Length: 1,39 m
Steps: 4/7
Extended Length: 4,5 m
Step Ladder Length: 2,29 m
Load capacity: 150 kg


JUMBO Giant Classic Multistage “Velocity” has a built-in palm button system makes it easy to adjust the hinge. Just push straight in on each button and open the ladder to the desired position! To make the ladder extra durable, an extra strong 4-point lock has been added from Quad-Lock ™. To make the ladder secure in the longitudinal direction, a practical and solid swivel lock from Rapid Lock © is placed.

To ensure a flat standing surface, there are angled steps – which provides the best ergonomic working position. The step width on a single step is 25 mm and when the steps on the outer and inner ladder are flush, the step width is 80 mm.

GIANT Telescopic Multi-use Ladder Classic “Velocity”

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