JUMBO-Safe Stands Set w/foldings posts

Standard | 48 m

JUMBO-Safe is a practical railing for flat roofs. Made of aluminum. The set is 48 m. Equipped with a folding foot plan, so that the individual foot plan can be tilted up for laying eg roofing felt, without having to move the entire railing. NOTE: The standard set comes with ballast bags, which must be filled with sand. Concrete blocks as shown in the photo can be purchased at an additional charge.

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Consisting of :
16 JUMBO-Safe fences 3 m
15 JUMBO-Safe foldings posts
2 JUMBO-Safe corners
2 JUMBO-Safe connection pieces
34 JUMBO-Safe safety clips
30 JUMBO-Safe sandbags

JUMBO-Safe Stands Set w/foldings posts

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