Pro Single Towers

250 x 74 cm | 6,2 / 8,2 m

The single tower is a flexible aluminum tower scaffolding in strong craftsman quality. This set is composed for 4m planking.

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Scaffold load class: 3
Standing height: 6,2 m
Working height: 8,2 m


This set is composed for the following platform distances:

4m planking: Max. 4,40 m to the first platform and max. 4,00 m between the following platforms.

Frames (tube dimensions: Ø50x2mm) with fully welded joints ensures a strong and stable scaffold. 8 rungs per 2 m. High-impact self-locking claws on all horizontal braces and diagonals (tube dimensions: Ø50x2mm). The claws are cast solid quality with fully welded joints.

Delivered with JUMBO Scaffolding Platform (aluminum / plywood) The platform consists of waterproof, non-slip, Finnish plywood – in pure birch wood, mounted in strong aluminum side-pieces. The platforms are equipped with staggered hooks, which makes lengthwise extension without displacement possible. On the underside of the platform is our pat. storm lock for securing the deck (fits all types of scaffolding)

As standard, JUMBO Scaffolding is supplied with extra sturdy Ø125 mm castors with brake. The castors are further provided with a polyurethane coating, which ensures high wear resistance and good resistance to solvents. The standard castor can be replaced with a larger Ø200 mm castor with brake and height adjustment, just as the scaffolding can be extended with accessories.

This set is composed of:

5 x 8 rung frames 74 x 200 cm
2 x 4 rung frames 74 x 100 cm
2 x Guardrail frames 74 x 100 cm
9 x Braces 250 cm
6 x Diagonals 305 cm
2 x Platform w/ hatch 60 x 250 cm
4 x Castors Ø 12,5 cm
14 x Safety clips
8 x Toeboard Fittings

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