Pro Telescopic Ladder

11 Steps | 3,20 m

Telescopic ladder in professional quality. Fills up minimally when folded and is suitable for daily transport.

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Load capacity: 150 kg
Storage measurements: 0,82 x m
Base stabiliser width: 0,8 m
Steps: 11
Weight: 12,6 kg
Width: 48 cm
Height: 3,2 m


JUMBO Pro Telescopic Ladder are constructed from aircraftquality 6061 aluminium alloy. This gives a strong yet light ladder. Anodized aluminium – no dirty fingers! In addition, it also has 38 mm ergonomic wide steps. Four reasons to buy this ladder: • THE IDEAL INSPECTION LADDER • ULTRA-COMPACT TRANSPORT DIMENSIONS • FITS IN EVERY TRUNK • IDEAL FOR DAILY TRANSPORTATION This model come with a permanently mounted telescopic stabilizer bar can be pushed out for extra safety. With the stabilizer bar pushed in the ladder takes up minimal space during transport and storage


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