Pro Wall Ladder

For wall height 5 m

This is procure goods. Sturdy wall ladder for permanent mounting on the facade.

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Additional information

Load capacity: 150 kg
Weight: 83,9 kg


Comes with. 2 m. start ladder and 1 m. top braces hereby extending the noted ladder length with 3 m.

In this set:

1 x Scaffold Ladders
1 x Wall ladder loose 150cm.
1 x Wall ladder loose 180cm.
1 x Wall ladder loose 240cm.
1 x Wall ladder Steel plate 40x30cm.
2 x Wall Ladder Assembly Bracket (set of 2)
2 x Wall ladder Handle 135cm.
4 x Wall ladder Console 30cm (set of 2)
6 x Wall ladder Back rail (set of 5)
7 x Wall ladder Back brace 90 (set of 2)


Spare parts:

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