Welding set

w. 10 refill white + red

Set with two Profi-Marker in extremely strong quality, made of anodized metal with practical clips at the top. Supplied with red universal lead for marking on cold metal, as well as soapstone lead for marking on metal and steel in connection with welding and cutting.

Welding set is consisting of two Profi-Marker + 2 sets of refills (5 leads) white + red.

The Profi-Marker is made of durable brass metall. There is a sharpener for the soapstone lead inside the push button. Red allwriter lead for marking on cold metal, steel and almost any materials. Soapstone lead for marking on metal and steel, welding and cutting up to 2.000 °C. Long lasting, white, fireproof line, clearly visible even through welding goggles.

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Welding set

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