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JUMBO Stillads A / S has no direct sales, as we are a production company. If you are interested in our products, contact a dealer.

Yes. In addition to our standard range, we at JUMBO also make special solutions to order within scaffolding, ladders, lifts and other constructions.

As a Danish dealer, you can order from JUMBO stillads. When ordering before 12 we can usually ship your goods the same day. This is subject to e.g. bustle and backorder.

For export customers, the conditions may be different – contact JUMBO Stillads A / S for further info.

When you buy one of our standard scaffolding sets, there will always be two pc. 1 m frame included. – and an appropriate number of 2 m frames. At unequal standing heights, there will be an even number of 2 meter frames. At even standing heights there will be an odd number of 2 m frames. This means that either you have to put the two 1 m frames in each side on top of the 2 m frames (at unequal standing heights) – or you have to put the two 1 m frames on top of each other in one side on top of the 2 m frames (at straight standing heights)

This also makes your scaffolding more flexible in that you can change the standing height of your scaffolding by one meter at a time, by moving around the 1 m frames. When you later want to expand the scaffolding, you only need to buy 2 m frames.

As extruded aluminum profiles (which are used in eg ladders and scaffolding) are produced with 0 in minus tolerance – but with up to 10% plus tolerance on the wall thickness. Thus, the wall thickness of the profile can never be lower than that specified – only higher. This is to ensure the strength and quality of the product.

In practice, this means that the weight of these products can fluctuate by up to 10% compared to what is stated.

Do you as a dealer want to return goods to JUMBO Stillads A / S in connection with any. complaints, incorrect orders, etc. please find our conditions and the return form that must accompany the goods here

NOTE: JUMBO Stillads  A / S does NOT accept returns, repairs or warranty obligations directly from the end user. As an end user, please return the product where it was purchased. The dealer will then arrange for further processing.

Just look one more time. We usually place smaller parts between two platforms, or something else, so that they do not break or get lost during shipping.

Also remember that support legs for roller scaffolding are typically supplied tensioned together in pairs. Therefore, what looks like one outrigger may well be two.

Unfortunately you can not rent anything from us. But we have over 100 scaffolding and equipment rental companies who sell, rent and assemble our products.

If it is to a Danish dealer, it will be on the order confirmation if there is more than 1 day shipping. If so, it’s due to busyness or backorder. If you have questions about delivery, send us an email at info@jumbo.as

For export orders, please contact Allan at allan@jumbo.as

Even though we do not have any direct sales, we can deliver an order from our warehouse which has been placed in advance by one of our dealers.

Read more about pickup below

Our standard scaffolding standard set will always include two pieces. 1 m frames – and an appropriate number of 2 m frames.

When you need to expand in height, you will typically receive 2 m frames corresponding to the number of meters you want higher up (1 meter in height = 1 piece 2 m frame, 2 meters in height = 2 pieces. 2 m frames, etc. ) – then you move around the 1 m frames in your existing scaffolding to achieve the correct height, cf. the illustration below.

We are located both in Kolding (Stålvej 7- 23) and in Ringsted (Ringstedvej 667).

In Kolding you just drive down past the first buildings and down to gate 12 – there you can find an employee who can help you.

In Ringsted you drive in via Slimmingevej.

There must be an order / requisition from one of our dealers in advance before you as an end user can visit our warehouse and pick up items ..

Collection of goods takes place every weekday:

Monday to Thursday 7:30 – 16:00

Friday 07:30 – 14:00

Export orders

Monday to Thursday 7:30 – 14:30

Friday 07:30 – 1:00

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